Sunday School!

Sunday School tshirt

Sunday School has started up again. Our education hour is on Sundays from 9:45 to 10:45 AM. Check out our “Sunday School” page on this site for a complete calendar, student information form (for enrollment), and more details.

Whether or not you participated in Sunday School as a child or have made a habit of it with your children, you are encouraged to consider the value of time spent in nurturing the faith of your child or youth. At OSLC, our model for growing lives of faith is oriented towards families. We see our community, not simply as a collection of individuals, but as a beautiful web of families that are interconnected by their relationships with one another and with Jesus Christ at our center. Learning for students and families will take place, and even better, you will find that Sunday School is one of your best opportunities to build relationship with others in our faith community. For students and for families, we grow together not only in knowledge but also in loving relationship!

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