Goldenrod Form

In order to be reimbursed for church expenses, you must fill out an Expense Reimbursement Form (a.k.a. the Goldenrod).

Expense Reimbursement Form (in Word)
Expense Reimbursement Form (as a PDF)

Paper copies are also available in the folder labeled “Check Request Forms” at the front of the topmost file folder drawer next to the church office, on the back shelf in the photocopy room, or in the plastic brochure holder to the right of the church office.

Fill out the Goldenrod as completely as possible, including the account number of the account from which the reimbursement is being requested (possible numbers are included in the above files, or on the back of the paper version), the dollar amount, and the “send to” address. It must also have the original receipts attached to the form (copies of the receipts are not acceptable). If you are not already the committee chair, or a known purchaser of a long-standing item, you should take the Goldenrod to the committee chair for their approval and signature.

You may either turn in this form with attached receipts to the Treasurer in their file folder in the cabinet just to the right of the Pastor’s office, or you may turn it in electronically to [email protected]. You must also include scans of the original receipts. Instructions are included in each document above.

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