Laptops for Peru

Dear OSLC members,

Our beloved missionary friends Henrik and Patty Christopherson will be spending two months in Peru and Ecuador this summer.  They have received a request for a couple of laptops from Pastor Pepe of the Las Brisas congregation of Chiclayo.  The laptops would be for two of his daughters, Katicsa (an OSLC scholarship recipient), and Anayelli (working toward her goal of going to Medical school).

Laptops are expensive in Peru, so these machines would be a great benefit.  Henrik and Patty would be willing to get these laptops safely to Chiclayo.

If you have a used but serviceable laptop that you would be willing to donate, please contact the church office, or contact me at [email protected].  We would need to get the laptops to Henrik and Patty in Illinois by July 1st.  The laptops will be reformatted in Chiclayo by our good friend Wilson Jara, but, of course, you’ll probably want to remove any personal information from your laptop before you donate it.

On behalf of Henrik and Patty and our Brothers and Sisters in Chiclayo,  Muchas Gracias!

Mark Mummy

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