A Message from the OSLC Community Outreach Committee

The Community Outreach Committee of OSLC is working with the Issaquah Food and Clothing Bank to provide food and warm clothing to people in need in our community. Over 500 families in our area, a significant increase due to the Covid19 pandemic, are currently receiving food on a regular basis from the Food Bank.

The next opportunity for us to support those in need is the Mayor’s Day of Concern on October 31st, Halloween, from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. as food from the Food Bank Emergency List and new warm clothing is collected from throughout the community and dropped off at OSLC. A few days later, the items held at our church will be transported by Food Bank staff: the food will go to the warehouse and the clothing to the Eastside Fire and Rescue. Our church volunteers have been asked to help sort the donated items before they are sent to their destinations. Please let me know ([email protected]) if you would like to help.

In case you miss the Halloween opportunity, another new clothing drive will take place on November 18th at Eastside Fire and Rescue. It will be aimed at teens and adults served by the Community Meals program.

To donate, please check the list of the items needed on the Food Bank website: https://issaquahfoodbank.org/donate.

There are other ways to help:

  • Ordering on line and having it shipped directly to the Food Bank. The Food Bank has a wish list on Amazon and items can be shipped directly to them.
  • Making financial contributions and $25 gift cards
  • One time donation drop offs

Information on how to give through these methods is also found on the website above.

There are more upcoming events that our OSLC members can assist with:

  • Due to Covid19, Lunch for the Break will not be distributed from our church. Instead, the Food Bank is putting together weekly boxes of kid friendly food that will be made available to any child in need. Donations to support this effort are welcomed. Volunteers are also needed.
  • The Holiday Gift Barn will not be held at Pickering Barn this year. Instead, The Food and Clothing Bank will collect donated $25 gift cards which will be given the week after Thanksgiving to families who register in advance. Over 700 children were given gifts through the Holiday Gift Barn last year.
  • Eastside Baby Corner will be collecting toys before Thanksgiving to fill gift requests for the children served by the over 70 agencies with which they work. Their website is babycorner.org.

Sincerely, Connie Fletcher
Our Savior Community Outreach Committee

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