In Home Worship – Sunday, February 11, 2024 – Transfiguration of Our Lord

10:00 am Sunday Worship

We welcome you to worship this Sunday! This Sunday, Pr. Kristin-Luana will be the Presiding Minister, and Pr. Olaf will be the Preacher. Every week, the pastor who preaches will offer an introduction to Sunday’s sermon, titled “Sermon News”:

Sermon News: Transfiguration and the Mysteries of the Living Word     Mark 9:2-9

Martin Luther famously said that the church is a mouth house, not a pen house. What he means is that our gathering is not about the wisdom of books, but about the living Word as the gospel is proclaimed here. Something profoundly mysterious happens in the community of the faithful when the gospel is preached in worship. What you think you hear is not necessarily what I think I said. That is part of the mystery of the living Word.

The purpose of us hearing the scriptures proclaimed is not to get ammunition to wage war against those who hold views that are alien to us. Rather, the purpose of the gospel is to help us free ourselves from our ideological and cultural baggage and immerse ourselves in the Word of God. God speaks to us as he spoke to our ancestors and as he will speak to our descendants. But why then does Jesus say, “Don’t tell anyone?” Listen to the sermon this Sunday and find out!

– Pr. Olaf

The Executive Committee suggests attendees continue to wear masks in worship, principally because of singing. Please continue to stay home if feeling sick and receive Holy Communion in a safe manner. Click the link above to worship online with us, and click the button below to view the bulletin and follow along. If you try the link prior to 10:00 a.m. on Sunday, you may see the message “video unavailable.”

11:00 am: Valentine Cards

After worship on Sunday, make sure to write a Valentine’s card at our card-writing station. You can write to a sweetheart, family member, friend, neighbor, or one of our home-centered church members.

11:00 am: Puppet Show

After worship on Sunday, there will be a puppet show in Anderson Hall.

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