Children & Youth

Here is a focused vision of what youth ministry at OSLC is all about:

  • OSLC youth ministry is about building relationships: between youth, between youth and adults, and between adults with a passion for youth.

  • OSLC youth ministry is everywhere: it is not a set of programs limited to one area of ministry but something that happens throughout the diverse life of the faith community and among all generations.

  • OSLC youth ministry is family-based: the key to developing youth participation is in engaging whole families; this means building community and friendship among generations of young families and inviting them deeper into relationship with one another and the church.

  • OSLC youth ministry is community-oriented: our programs and ministries need to focus not solely on our own youth but on youth throughout the wider community.

Youth events are listed on the website calendar. You can also use the search box at the top of the page to enter tags like “youth” for information on events. If you have questions, please contact the church office ([email protected]).

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Children and Youth

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